SQP3 2023 Users' Manual_v1.0
SQP2.1 2017 Coding Instructions_v1.0

SQP2.1 2015 Tutorials:

1. How can SQP predict the quality of survey questions?
2. Introducing the basic features of SQP
3. What information can be obtained from the SQP database?
4. How to add a new question in the SQP database
5. What is the output you get from SQP?

SQP2.1 2015 Tutorials Playlist:

The SQP team offers the possibility to:

  • Introduce your survey questions to the SQP database.
  • Code the characteristics of survey questions.
  • Revise and authorize the coding of survey questions.
  • Report about the results and provide suggestions for improvement (if necessary).
If you are interested, please, contact us.